1950 Jaguar Mark V Drop Head Coupe

The Jaguar Mk V is, in many respects, a model forgotten by all but the most discerning of Jaguar enthusiasts. Introduced in 1948, the Mk V had a pre-WWII flavor despite being an all-new design. Produced for just three years with a total production of less than 1,000 units for the drop head coupe, this is an exceedingly rare find. The Mk V had headlights faired into the finders, modern push-button door handles and half-frame doors that gave it a contemporary flavor and separated it decisively from its predecessors. As a testament to the company’s spirit of performance, the Mk V had a top speed of 97 mph with 0-50 mph in 10 seconds and could maintain 80 mph or more for hours (in comparison, the average family car at that time would have been lucky to manage 70 mph).

The storied history of this special vehicle began in New York, being imported by the famous Max Hoffman (who inspired the design of the classic BMW 507). After staying on the east coast for decades, this Mk V became a mainstay at various Councours d’Elegance, winning first place on three different occasions in the early 1980s. It came to the Midwest in 1991 when an executive at Anheuser Busch purchased it. We have verified the numbers of the engine, body, and chassis as original and are in the process of obtaining its Heritage Certificate.

This car is just completed a full restoration supervised by our service director with over 35 years of Jaguar experience.


With only 55565 actual miles this is a stunning example of a sought after classic.


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