1991 BMW 850 Coupe: SOLD

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This beautifully cared for 1991 BMW 850 automatic transmission with only 28K miles was collector owned with all its history intact since new.

Known by many as one of the bet surviving examples of an 8 series, this car is truly an example that represents the 8 series properly as one of the most unique and timeless cars ever produced.

The top examples of original surviving low mile BMW 8 series just may prove to be collectible and as valuable as the top examples of 60s muscle cars and similar in the near future.

This car was $100K in 1991 for a reason. You cannot duplicate this today for under the price of a new Phantom

To make this car have more power without altering the originality or integrity a few basic things were done. First, all 3 computer chips were changed. The V12  cars use two “DME” computers on one “EML” computer. The DMEs each run one side of the twin 6 cylinder engine. The EML is more the throttles, and other aspects and is kind of linking the DMEs together. The DME chips are the popular Conforti chips, giving the car about 30HP over its 300HP rating. The EML, removed the top speed limiter and raised the rev limiter. This is a separate chip from another company and is roughly the same chip used on an Alpina B12. The combo of the 3 allow the car to achieve a near 180MPH speed and give it a bit more acceleration.

The last upgrade is the exhaust. This exhaust transforms this already “over attention” getting car, to a musical tune not played by any other car on the road. The exhaust was custom built on a chassis dyne by one of Dallas’ best. Although it took extensive work and only gives the car 16  actual HP, the looks and sound are so impressive that you just want to listen to it all day. If you did not see the car, you will look when you hear is as there is no other sound like it. If you own an E31, I highly recommend a system like this as it literally makes the car! By the way, the factory exhaust is plastic bagged and is still with the car.

With all of the performance mods, this particular 850 has 286HP to the wheels. That is roughly about 345 HP at the flywheel, still 35HP short of the real 850CSI, but it is as close as you can get without altering the engine, and that is not an option on this particular car in its condition and rarity

If you want an incredible car that is built extremely well, is very rare and collectible and has a certain appreciating future, the BMW 850 does all of this.

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