1993 Land Rover Defender 110 US Specifications: SOLD

1993 Defender 110

83,219 miles

North American Specification Land Rover

When Land Rover brought the Defender to the U.S. for the model year 1993, they did it through their existing Range Rover dealerships.

At that time the company was still called Range Rover of North America. Land Rover, and the newly formed Land Rover North America (LRNA) had some new toys coming to the USA in the way of new models, so what better way to announce their arrival and attract some attention but with a limited run of 500 (actually just over 525 for the USA and Canada) Defender 110’s.

They were big, had a massive roll cage, a 3.9 liter EFI V8 engine, a 5-speed gearbox, and came in any color you wanted. As long as it was white.

The limited importation of these Defender 110’s was done to get some promotion for the upcoming Defender 90 and Discovery. Introduced in the summer of 1992, and with only roughly 500 units available, the Defender 110 was not going to replace the family station wagon. It was imported to be an “image car”, and the launching point for the new Defender 90 and Discovery line in North America. The NAS Defender 110’s are very sought after today .

The NAS Defender 110s were like no other 110 ever built and it took the factory a year to hand produce the 534 that were made for North America. The Defender 110 has existed in other world markets since the mid 1980s and are still available today, but they are no longer legal to import to the USA.

This beautiful example of the 1993 110 has just gone through an extensive restoration including new paint, tires and more.

All work has been done here by an “Authorized Land Rover” facility.




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