1999 Ferrari F355: SOLD

Equipped with the F1 electro-hydraulic transmission system with paddle shifters, derived directly from current Formula 1 technology.

The F355, signaled a new era in drivetrain design and performance. The driver shifts a sequential system controlled with paddles behind the steering wheel, exactly as on a Formula 1 car. There is no clutch pedal. The system has four driver-selectable modes of operation: sport, normal, auto, and low grip.

The Ferrari “Fl-type power train management” is the best solution for racing and road use. The system guarantees almost instantaneous gear changes, allowing the driver’s desired gear to be engaged without either taking the hands off the wheel or operating the clutch, even during hard cornering.

For safety, it is impossible to avoid engaging intermediate gears during rapid downshifts.
The system can be used in a fully automatic mode without impacting fuel consumption, and the software that controls the system is integrated with other systems in the car to increase control in varied conditions.

Locally owned buy a customer who has a home here and in Florida.

He just had an engine out service performed 330 miles ago at Ferrari of Tampa Bay at a cost of $6,995. It is ready to go for it’s next owner.


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